About GTOP Radio

“Ghana's TOP news source”

Ghana TOP Radio (GTOP Radio) is an all-news internet broadcast radio station for the people of Ghana worldwide. It is owned by Post Communications Limited. At GTOP Radio, you'll find the best people in the Ghanaian media, who connect consumers and advertisers to build a better business and a better society. We succeed by always doing the right things with focus, urgency and passion.

Mission Statement

GTOP Radio is a service in the public’s interest, convenience and necessity. These needs shall be served by informational, educational and entertaining programs in compliance with all rules and regulations under the laws available at any particular time and place. The people of Ghana (listeners) make us who we are and what we are. So it follows naturally that we shall focus on their growth and successes, giving them what exactly is due them.


GTOP was born in 2016 in Washington, DC out of many years of Post Communications Limited’s involvement in the communications industry in Ghana. Over the years, the company had published a number of newspapers, but as the communications industry kept changing and listeners had less time in their busy schedules to read, it became obvious that people find it easier listening to the news. This is why many are turning to radio and the reason why GTOP was born.

GTOP Radio
Post Communications Limited
P. O. Box 110JT
James Town, Accra, Ghana.

Office Location
Block 8
Ghana Industrial Commercial Estate Limited (GICEL)
Weija, Accra, Ghana

USA Location
21211 Hickory Forest Way
Germantown, MD 20876