Ridge Hospital Medical Director at war with Health Minister over dismissal

Ridge Hospital

myjoyonline.com, Thu, May 18, 2017

by Austin Brakopowers

The Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital says he will not vacate his position hours after he was dismissed by the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyemang Manu on Wednesday.

Dr Thomas Awuni Naba told Joy News’ Hannah Odame Thursday, the Minister has no right to dismiss him.

“The only person who can terminate my appointment is Ghana Health Council...I still have three years,” he said.

The Health Minister is reported to have dismissed the Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital days to the official opening of the hospital renamed the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

The alleged dismissal was later changed to a transfer letter. Dr Awuni Naba was asked to head back to the University of Development Studies (UDS) Medical School. He was appointed from the UDS Medical School by the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC).

But Dr Awuni Naba said he will not obey “an illegal, floored administrative” from the Health Minister.

He insisted his removal was “illegal” and has asked his lawyers to write to the Minister to take back his dismissal letter and apologise to him.

He said the Minister’s letter did not look authentic because it had no reference letter. He also said the language used was awkward with no acknowledgement of his service to the country.

Dr Awuni Naba said since Mr Agyemang Manu’s appointment, he has not had his peace of mind. “There is been one sabotage [after the other].”

He told Joy News he will move out of the office if he is assured that a provision has been made for a fully furnished accommodation, two security officers, his children sent back to school in Tamale, and his wife sent to Tamale.

Without meeting these conditions, Dr Awuni Naba said he will not vacate his position.

“We have to put the record straight that this thing should stop in Ghana...it should not happen in Ghana,” he said.

But the Spokesperson for the Health Ministry, Robert Kojo has appealed to Dr Awuni Naba to obey the dictates of the letter from the Ministry.

The Spokesperson told Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story Thursday, the Medical Director was transferred back to UDS because his services are need there.

Mr Kojo dismissed the claim that the Minister has ill-motives against Dr Awuni Naba.

“Kwaku Agyemang Manu has nothing against my brother... I see this whole thing as a normal public service administrative procedure that we all go through,” he said.

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