NDC race: Sly's Campaign Coordinator, deputy resign

Sylvester Mensah

Class FM Online, Mon, Nov 19, 2018

by ClassFMonline.com

Mr Atukwei Quaye, the Campaign Coordinator of Mr Sylvester Mensah, one of the flag bearer aspirants of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has resigned ahead of the party’s flag bearer contest slated for December 2018.

Similarly, Mr Quaye’s deputy, Nii John Coleman, has also resigned.

In a statement issued on Monday, 19 November, Mr Quaye, who is also a private legal practitioner, said: “I have lived with and grown as a politician, holding on to principled loyalty, straightforwardness and an ardent hater of sycophancy and bootlicking. My conscience guides me, and I must feel right in my spirit in all things I engage in.

“This is the very crux of the matter. Comrades, my brothers and sisters, it is with a heavy heart that I break the news of my departure from TEAM SLY and lean strongly on the very principles that I have held onto, throughout my entire life, as a person and a politician. This will certainly come to many of you as a shock. But to a few, it’s an affirmation of the developments unfolding before our very eyes in recent times. I have battled enough with my consciences, so hard, just so I can stay on. But heavy is the call of personal principle over sacrifice for the cause.

“I have written to my boss, your boss and our boss, my inability to continue in my capacity as the Campaign Coordinator and a member of the team. As difficult as it may be, it is in the interest of group growth and development that I had to take this difficult decision in my life at this moment.

“Forgive me, and bear with the situation. While you sympathise with me, I urge you to continue to serve our leader as you prosecute the UNITY, REWARDING LOYALTY AND SHARED PROSPERITY agenda. Goodbye comrades and friends. I have enjoyed a great working relationship with all of you.

“I stepped aside quietly so that it does not affect the activities of the group. So, in the same light, I am writing to you quietly as colleagues and I expect it’s kept as such, so nothing escalates to tarnish the forward march of the team.

“I am exceedingly grateful for your support as individuals and as a group, during my stewardship as the Campaign Coordinator to Hon. Sylvester Adinam Mensah. Let us continue to serve party and country at various levels and in various capacities.”

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