Meet Ghana’s Galamsey pikins wey demma Chinese fathers lef behind

Di pikin dey suffer psychological challenges

BBC, Thu, Apr 12, 2018

by Favour Nunoo

Di environmental cost of galamsey be something wey everybody dey talk about, but one thing wey slip away from analytic view be di psychological cost of galamsey on a new generation of pikins wey Chinese galamseyers lef behind.

As di Chinese galamseyers come Ghana, most of them born with di local women wey di kiddies still dey di country. But after government sack dis miners what be di life of di Afro-Chinese children dem lef behind? Dem get di sort of healthcare dem dey need? Dem dey fit speak to demma parent for China? How di Afro-Chinese children dey survive without demma poppies.

BBC Pidgin reporter Favour Nunoo travel through di villages of Dunkwa wey dey central region of Ghana go speak plus di families wey get these left-behind children.

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