Makola ‘Tax Clinic’ targets 200 TIN applicants by end of week

Makola Market, Tue, Apr 10, 2018

by Bismark Awusah

Makola small taxpayer office of the Ghana Revenue Authority, (GRA) said it is targeting 200 people to register for the Tax Identification Number (TIN) by the end of this week.

The 'Tax and Good Governance' week launched by the GRA has put the local tax offices across the country to work.

Tax clinics have been mounted at vantage points to see to the registration of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and also offer an opportunity to taxpayers to file their returns.

Speaking to JoyBusiness, Acting Assistant Commissioner and Head of Makola small taxpayer office of GRA, Nana Esi Adade Amankwah, said her target is the market women and retailers in the central business district.

According to her, about 90% of business owners in Makola have not acquired the TIN.

“If we are able to register about 200 people, and they are going to be committed to paying their taxes or they are going to commit to doing whatever they are supposed to do as far as taxes are concerned, I think we’ve achieved our target.” She said.

She added, “If we have a taxpayer population of 1000 for personal income taxpayers who are supposed to come and file their tax, then we are hoping that by the end of this week at least we should get about 90% of them coming to file their returns.”

Madam Amankwah debunked misconceptions that acquiring a Tax Identification Number (TIN) automatically requires one to file his or her tax returns.
She said, “People think that when you register for TIN, you’re going to pay tax; that is not the point. You can get the TIN but you are not a tax registered person.”

The TIN is an eleven digit identification of taxpayers to ensure tax compliance. The GRA believes the unique ID numbers will allow proper monitoring and broaden the tax net to cater for those formally outside the tax net.

Over one million TIN numbers have already been issued so far, and the GRA expects many more individuals to get registered, with the collaboration of all partner agencies.

The GRA launched a week-long programme to encourage the filing of annual tax returns as well increase the level of voluntary compliance among the public.

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