Mahama’s Interview on BBC: Global Warming Org. commends him for condemning Trump

Ex-President John Mahama, Sat, Jun 3, 2017

Former President John Dramani Mahama’s interview with BBC Focus on Africa has strengthened responses from global warming organisation to President Trump’s decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Agreement signed by his predecessor Barack Obama.

President Mahama prior to the interview, reacted to President Trump’s decision on his tweeter handle, describing it as a decision made from a “truly misinformed position”. The Paris Agreement was agreed upon by member nations including America to check pollution in the world and the worst polluters would be made to pay for the pollution.

Speaking on BBC focus on Africa programme on Friday, former President Mahama condemned Donald Trump’s decision to opt out of the Agreement when the US is currently the second highest emitter of carbon. The former President enumerated policies his administration outlined to support the fight against global warming and other negative environmental issues.

President Mahama launched two national policy documents, the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) and the National Environment Policy. Both policies were designed to provide strategic directions and also coordinate issues of climate change in Ghana as well as help the country achieve sustainable development through equitable low carbon economic growth.

Some organisations who ardently supported Obama’s policy on global warming commended the former Ghanaian leader for his presentation on BBC.

One Prof. Judi Wakhungu, an environmentalist from Kenya and Professor Michael K. Koech of Kenyatta University, reacting to President Mahama’s presentation after the programme, commended the former President for his frankness and command over the issues. The University Professor said his local organisation and other global warming organisations in the East Africa are disappointed that the Trump administration has decided to roll back climate regulations such as the clean power plan and others and worsened the situation with his decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement.

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