I’m chopping my money; I've no fears Amidu is coming after me – Ibrahim Mahama

Businessman, Ibrahim Mahama

Graphic Online, Wed, Apr 18, 2018

Businessman Mr Ibrahim Mahama has indicated he has no fears that the Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu will come after him for possible prosecution contrary to what his critics have been peddling.

As a brother of former President John Mahama, his critics have alleged he acquired a large chunk of his wealth through government contracts given to him during President Mahama’s tenure.

But speaking at the 25th anniversary of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) in Accra, Mr Mahama insisted he was a successful businessman long before John Mahama became Vice President and later President, and therefore dismissed the claims of his critics.

“So I was who I was and a lot more [people] of the NPP even know this and the ones who want to create mischief are the ones who throw it in there.

“I became successful much more in [President John] Kufuor’s time because I had nobody hanging round my neck.

“I rather regret when my brother became Vice President, it became a problem for me even in my business when even I thought they would be nice to me they were worse to me.

“I don’t do government jobs to take money from government. If there is any job that I will do for government that is a job that has been difficult for any contractor to do,” Mr Ibrahim Mahama said.

He added: “The political seasons will come, 2016 came, 2020 will come and 2024 will come, does that mean that we shouldn’t work?

“So let the politicians do their politics and lets do our business, but I want to set the records straight that, I was who I was, I was successful, that’s why I can chop my money without looking back and thinking [Special Prosecutor Martin] Amidu is coming to call me, and that’s the confidence I do have. I don’t go any place running away from my shadow,” Mr Ibrahim Mahama said.

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