Airlines panic as Nigeria, Ghana run out of aviation fuel

Aviation sector

Foreign airlines operating in Nigeria are panicking over current fuel shortage on the West African coast that may affect their operations especially as the Yuletide season beckons.

While Nigeria, which is the major market on the continent, is running short of supply to airlines, neighbouring Ghana that has lately become the aviation fuel hub for most airlines, is facing a similar challenge.

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Fake News: CNN Shamed into Major Corrections on Ghana Election Story

CNN's Head Office

Using the hashtag #GetitrightCNN, Twitter users in the African nation of Ghana are slamming CNN for a story that they say misrepresents actual conditions in their nation. Ghanaians and others interested in news from Ghana were also critical over CNN’s spelling and other factual errors.

The original December 9 story reporting on the election of opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo to the nation’s presidency claimed that Ghanaians were starving, misreported the dates that Nana Akufo-Addo ran for president in the past, and even spelled the word “Ghanaians” incorrectly. . .

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Supporters of the Presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Akufo-Addo as he arrives for a meeting with supporters while official results are being awaited in Accra, on December 8. Ghana maintained its reputation as a beacon of stability in West Africa by holding a peaceful vote.


In the run up to Ghana’s elections on December 7, the public was repeatedly reminded that its country had come to be seen as a beacon of democracy in a volatile region. In a series of competitive elections, power had changed hands back and forth between two major parties without the violence that has marred polls elsewhere in Africa.

The burden of the message was clear: people would be letting their country down, as well as themselves, if they allowed the elections to go badly.

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A vote against economic mismanagement: Ghana’s opposition wins the presidential election

President elect, Nana Akufo Addo speaking to the media

JUST before 9pm on Friday night celebrations erupted in Accra. Ghana’s electoral commission had declared the opposition leader, Nana Akufo-Addo, the winner of the presidential election and his supporters were in the mood to party, dancing in the streets, honking car horns and setting off fireworks late into the night. It was a resounding victory for Mr Akufo-Addo (pictured), who took 53.85% of the vote, on his third run for the presidency, to incumbent John Mahama’s 44.4%.

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Mahama is running for a second term in office in Ghana's Presidential election on December 7.

I am proud to be a Ghanaian, and I am proud of the country Ghana is becoming. It is an honor and a privilege to lead a nation of passionate people through the kind of transformation Ghana is now experiencing. As president, through the many programs we have undertaken in the past four years, we have and will continue to change lives. We are in the midst of creating a Ghana that generations of citizens can be proud of.

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The seven presidential candidates promise violence-free polls

Four of the Presidential candidates

Accra, Dec. 1, GNA - All the seven presidential candidates for the 2016 General Election on Thursday pledged their commitment to ensure free and fair polls before, during and after the exercise.

They have also promised to respect the political ethics by conducting peaceful campaigns and advising their supporters to stay away from any form of violence.

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Report: Ghana will be fastest growing African economy in 2017

President John Mahama and wife Lordina

A leading African economic think tank expects Ghana to have economic growth of 8.7 percent in 2017, the fastest of 54 countries ranked on the continent.

Cote d’Ivoire (8.3), Congo (8.0), Ethiopia (7.7) and Mozambique (7.5) rounded out the top five, according to the African Economic Outlook (AEO), a partnership between the African Development Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations.

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Ghana Export Import Bank launched in Accra

Mr Seth Terkper (right) and Mr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah (middle) interacting with a participant after the event

The Ghana Export Import Bank (Ghana EXIM) was yesterday launched in Accra to provide long term and patient capital, export insurance and financial advisory services for businesses operating in the export end of the market.
The launch was the outcome of two years of preparatory work, which included the merger of three institutions and the subsequent passage of the Ghana EXIM Bank Act by Parliament.

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